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Do you or your child want to learn to play music as fluently and easily as you speak your native language? Would you like to be able to not only sight read and perform with a good technique, but to be able to create music while having fun? Please read the following pages and find out how you can do this!

Early Piano Studio Services - The BeattlesEarly Piano Studio, we instruct in all forms of discipline, from Bach to Cold Play! Come join us today!

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We also offer a referral Service for all Musical Instruments!

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Instruction Involves:

  • Piano & Keyboard
  • Comprehensive Musicianship
  • Pace Method
  • Composition Training
  • Improvisation
  • Theory
  • Multi-Method
  • Ear Training
  • Ensemble
  • Lead-sheets
  • Classical Jazz - Popular - All Styles!!!
  • Levels - Pre-reading, Begriming, Intermediate, Early Advanced
  • Student - Teacher - Parent - Triangle


Private Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Each student at Early Piano Studio has a 30 minute private lesson with Bonnie and a 45 minute group lesson taken with the other students of similar level; the group lesson is also given by Bonnie. It is the combination of these two lessons that provides the foundation for Bonnie's comprehensive musicianship style. In the private lesson the student plays from lesson books, music being prepared for recital and competitions and original compositions. Bonnie strongly recommends parental involvement during the private lesson, which lays the foundation for practicing during the week. Read Bonnie's Student/Teacher/Parent Triangle (click here to read or download) to learn more.

Group Keyboard & Piano Lessons

In the group lessons, students at the same level work together to learn music theory and creativity. Bonnie's uses a number of creative games and lessons to help the students embrace music theory. Also during group time, students might perform together for ensemble pieces they may perform at the annual recital or at competitions and seasonal events in the community. Students in groups sometimes attend special instruction events with guest teachers. Read Bonnie's Student/Teacher/Parent Triangle (click here to read or download) to learn more. Classes - View some videos of Group Lessons

Piano & Keyboard Recitals

We have a formal rectal in late April at a Recital Hall with an Awards Ceremony and a reception following. We also have a Holiday Recital in December. View some videos of our previous Piano & Keyboard Recitals

Referral Service

We also offer a Referral Service for ALL Musical Instruments and Styles!! Just give us a call today at
303-979-3733 or use our contact form and e-mail us today!

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